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The 42nd Stitch Podcast

Apr 16, 2022

Quick Health Update: While helping with load out from Stitches West 2022, Kevin managed to dislocate his knee cap. Because of this and other stressors, the past month has been a bit rough… but we’re back – and Kevin doesn’t need surgery for his knee!

Current Productions (2:37)


My Strongest Suit (19:46)

Events (24:03)

Hey Look Me Over (27:26)

Little Known Facts (47:53)

  • Self-care doesn’t always look like what you think it is

It’s DeLovely (51:17)

  • Stitches 2022 Recap
    • Mention of Faria Bakery in Sacramento
    • Mention of Fox and Goose in Sacramento (Home of the delicious Shepherds Pie & Lemon Drop that were mentioned)